1. What is the connection between Freedom Stones and Not Abandoned?
Answer: Freedom Stones is a project of the non-profit organization Not Abandoned.  Not Abandoned’s mission is to combat sex slavery through prevention, intervention, employment and restoration.  Freedom Stones is one of this organization’s key projects.  Its purpose is to not only create beautiful jewelry, but also to train and employ artisans who are either survivors of sex slavery or at-risk of being trafficked.  100% of proceeds from the jewelry line go directly back into our work for freedom.




2. Can I find Freedom Stones in a local store?
Answer: Currently Freedom Stones is regularly being sold at the Purpose Boutique stores in Bremerton and Kirkland, WA and the Chandler Reach Tasting Room in Woodinville, WA. Freedom Stones is also being sold at varies events in the Washington State area and sporadically across the country.  The best way to stay up-to-date on these opportunities is by “Liking” our Freedom Stones Facebook page.


Special Note: If you or your store is interesting in selling our jewelry please contact FreedomStones@NotAbandoned.orgfor wholesale and consignment opportunities. 



3. What are the beads made out of?

Answer: All of our beads are made from real stones or precious metals, not plastic.  Some beads may be also made from coral, volcanic rock, glass or Swarovski crystals.




4. Where do you get your beads and other materials?

Answer: All of our beads are purchased locally from Thai markets where we have established relationship with distributers.  The silver we use is all Thai sterling silver, hand crafted in the Northern part of the country.




5. Do you use real silver?

Answer: Yes. The silver we use in our signature clasp is Thai sterling silver, hand crafted in the Northern part of the country.  Our chain is either sterling silver or high quality hypoallergenic brass.




6. What’s the story behind the Freedom Stones clasp?

Answer: The Freedom Stones clasp is our jewelry’s unique signature.  Each clasp is handed crafted in Northern Thailand and symbolizes a broken link from the chain of sex slavery.




7. Will you ship jewelry out of the country?

Answer: Yes; additional shipping charges may apply.




8. How do I buy Freedom Stones wholesale?

We are excited to offer Freedom Stones at a discounted price to wholesalers.  Please contact us at FreedomStones@NotAbandoned.org for more information.




9. Why do you work in Thailand?

Answer: Not Abandoned has chosen Thailand as its base of field operations because of the extremely high-level sex slavery that happens here.  Specifically the city of Pattaya is the global hub of this criminal cancer, with an estimated 200,000 people enslaved within its borders.




10. Do you have a Stateside office?

Answer: Not Abandoned and the Freedom Stones project is headquartered in the greater Seattle area of Washington State.




11. How can I be involved?

Answer: There are various practical ways to be involved in the fight against sex slavery.  Please visit the Not Abandoned website to learn more about how you can volunteer.




12. What percentage of your profit goes back into the work?

Answer: 100%. Because we own and operate this project ourselves, literally 100% of the profit from this jewelry line is able to be poured back in the project and help young women recover.




13. Are you fair-trade?

Answer: Many people define “fair-trade” differently.  Justice and freedom are of the highest value to our operations.  All of our materials are locally-sources from reputable sources and we of course are always careful and conscious to not involve ourselves in an exploitative supply chain.




14. When did the Freedom Stones project begin?

Answer: Freedom Stones was originally started 5 years ago in 2009.